Codling moth
March 11, 2010, 02:07
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WENATCHEE — Ahh, June. Time for picnics, graduation ceremonies and cherry fruit flies? The first Western cherry fruit flies to be caught this year were found in a trap Friday. “For codling moth, an insect growth regulator was over five times more effective when eggs were re preparing the tree in advance for NOW, rather than trying to catch up with the moth. "Cydia" redirects here. For the tortrix moth genus, see Cydia (genus).. The name "Cydia" is an allusion to the Codling Moth ("Cydia pomonella"), which made famous the. A Cydia pomonella (codling moth) cell line received from the University of Warwick in the UK, has been successfully grown and cryopreserved by ECBC scientists. • viburnum borer (late June) • yellowheaded spruce sawflies • whitemarked tussock moth. Asparagus beetles (common and spotted asparagus beetles) • Cabbageworms • Codling moths.
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