Bananas extinct
April 03, 2010, 11:07
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: Bacon, Chocolate, Cherries, Cupcakes!: A Bright Bunch of Yellow Bananas on Products. Did you know bananas could be extinct in the near future? Where did all the bananas go? Bananas are awesome. Popular Science has an article about how they are going extinct. Apparently in the early 1900's the main variety of banana died. Our office kitchen is stocked with bananas. For now. It appears they might go extinct when a new strain of "Panama disease" reaches Latin America. Giving up bananas might be part. Pests and diseases; Postharvest uses; ProMusa; Uganda; Wild bananas; Xanthomonas wilt. But even if Gros Michel has disappeared from supermarkets, it has not gone extinct. In what can only be described as poetic injustice, the most priapic fruit in the world may go extinct within five to ten years for lack of sex.
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