Vienna beef hot dog
November 10, 2009, 20:04
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1 Vienna Italian Beef Kit & 1 Vienna Beef Hot Dog Kit - Dog Product Reviews. I-Love-Dogs is the place to discuss 1 Vienna Italian Beef Kit & 1 Vienna Beef Hot Dog Kit. More. . Two Chicago men are suing Vienna Beef, alleging that the local hot dog leader mislead them into believing that the hot dogs they ate at several city hot dog stands in 2006 were. We just returned from a trip to Chicago and tried a few "hot spots" for hot dogs in town. Vienna Beef was the absolute best by far. We got a Chicago dog, Polish dog, and Italian. Since then, Vienna Beef's reputation for hot dogs made from 100% domestic beef (and beef trimmings) have made them a fast-food staple at dog stands and restaurants across the.
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