French alt code
October 22, 2009, 00:35
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Typing French Accents - Windows: ALT codes; Typing French Accents - Mac: Option key and KeyCaps; Typing French Accents - Mac: Special character pallet. I know most of the Alt-codes for accents (used to do my French homework in printed-out papers), but for some reason using the Fn+Alt to do the numeric keypad things usually end up. Codes for Typing French Characters Upper Case Vowels Lower Case Vowels À Alt + 0192 à Alt + 0224 Â Alt + 0194 â Alt + 0226 Ä Alt + 0196 ä Alt + 0228 È Alt + 0200 è Alt + 0232 É Alt + 0201 é. If code is dependent on the key combination ALT+D, the key code value returned by this combination maps to the ASCII value of 32, which is the equivalent of the Space key. Any time.
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